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Let’s play a game of true or false...​

  1. You’ve started your business as a coach or service provider and would rather focus on the work vs the marketing of it
  2. You appreciate what social media marketing can do for your business but you don’t want to do it all alone
  3. You’re ready to implement next a solid content strategy to take your business to the next level so you decided to check out my website to see if you we’ll vibe when we work together. 

Did you answer TRUE to at least two (2) of them?

Then, keep on reading!

I’m Leeon!

If you hang around me for too long I just may brainwash you into living your life’s purpose and becoming a full time coach.

If you are all about trying new things, making mistakes and simple marketing strategies to attract your ideal clients then I’m your coach.

When I was a child, I wanted to be...

definitely not a Marketing Coach

But, can you blame me?

I grew up in a world, where I was told to go to school, get good grades and work a decent job. And I did all those things.

I spent 5 years in law school, became a lawyer, then got a corporate job for 2 years, and I hated it every day.

I mean, I literally spent days crying in the office bathroom because my passions were being unfulfilled, my creativity was stifled, and my enthusiasm was at an all-time low.

There I was, waiting on the next paycheck; trying to convince myself that it was all worth it in the end.



So, one day, I went out and bought some personal development books, which motivated me to take a leap of faith towards my passions.

I was managing social media accounts for fun, since the beginning of 2019, and I was getting really good at it, so I decided that this was the time for me to go hard. 

I invested in paid courses and resources from International Business Coaches, and worked for free for friends and family.

After a year of helping business owners with their social media, I finally launched my own online business on social media.

In less than six (6) months, I realized this was exactly where I was meant to be! 

I now wake up with so much passion to work every day and serve clients from all over the world. 

I get paid without wearing any fancy suits, and I do it all from my home.

I am humbled to say that, I now provide Coaching services to help business owners learn how to use social media to create a money-making brand.

This is what I did for Adanna who now has the belief that she can monetize her skillset and the strategies to do so. 

I did it for Arlene who now has the confidence to  market her coaching offers on Instagram. 

I also helped Candice who inally gained the confidence to show up on video and attracted 6 dream clients doing so. 

And this is only 3 out of the dozens of women I’ve helped for the past 3 years. 

All of this is possible for you too!

Read the Testimonials


“I finally constructed my signature offer. This allowed me to be consistent with my posting and reduced my audience’s confusion around what I can do or them.

I now believe that I can make a living with my expertise and this gives me the confidence to continue.”


“I really enjoyed the strategies shared to improve my marketing skills. I was able to learn how to navigate Instagram and I gained the confidence to market my coaching offer and my business.

I went on to host a masterclass and I received 6 sales call from people who wanted to work with me.”


“Working with Leeon was a beautiful experience. I appreciated the simplicity.

It was easy to take actionable steps to develop and advance your business.

I was able to come out of my comfort zone and show up on lives and stories and this attracted 6 new clients. “


Nothing brings me more joy than helping business owners create freedom by going full time in their business.

If you know you’re tired of being tired  of juggling both your job and your business and you want to make the transntion and experience the flexibility that comes with this then…

More Testimonials


“I worked with Leeon to launch my business officially and it was the best investment for my business ever.

I feel like I got more than what I paid for. Leeon is great at what she does and all the resources makes it worth the investment. “


“While woking with Leeon, I launched and welcomed 34 new members, my biggest launch to date.

The way that Leeon puts everything together makes it super easy and valuable.”


“Working with Leeon allowed me to understand the importance of mapping out my processes.

I’ve invested in a lot over the years and I can say without a doubt that Leeon has exceeded my expectations. “